The Exhibition
Artisans surrounded by objects of many different textures and colours, feminine silhouettes as much veiled in mystery and discretion as represented in all their sensuality, vestiges of disappeared civilisations or desert landscapes that invite contemplation...

These are but a few of the numerous subjects that Western artists have borrowed from the East. Both notable artists, amongst the most illustrious in art history, as well as less well known figures committed this harmless sin - think of Delacroix, Deutsch, Gérôme, Lecomte du Nouÿ, Hamdi Bey, Renoir or Kandinsky. Constructed around a series of themes, the exhibition presents an overview of the Orientalist craze, the reasons behind its appearance and its forms of expression within the fine arts of the 19th century, from 1798 to 1914.

A selection of quality works have been brought from Europe, the United States and Middle East, along with others from museums and private collections, transport the visitor into a world where fantasy and reality merge. The paintings, drawings and sculptures reveal a western vision of the East. Many factors, such as the development of transport, new scientific inventions, political interests as well as Romanticism, have shaped this representation of the Muslim world.

The works of art reproduced on this website are not but a selection compared to the actual exhibition. That is why we would like to invite you to discover our show in Brussels.

Panorama of Thebe plain
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